The 2014 Club Hour

The 2014 Club Hour took place on 29th March 2014 at 11am on a warm day with clear skies. The victor, Jonathan Stead, ran 18,027m to post one of the longest distances run at the Club Hour for a number of years with first lady Ruth Chalmers running 13,894m after a strong second half hour.

Club Hour Results:

  • Jonathan Stead 18,027m
  • Robin Jones 16,618m
  • Tom Boswell 15,611m
  • Eric Dol 14,830m
  • Ruth Chalmers 13,984m
  • Andrew Grigg 13,442m
  • Damien Wilson 13,264m
  • Natalie Zara 12,133m
  • Emi Lehane 12,133m
  • Sarah Allen 10,722m
  • Kevin Quinn 8,000m (26:55)

Thanks to all runners and lap counters!