Sunday run

Social Sunday long runs

Distance runners can enjoy a longer, slower training run to various destinations in South London, that normally last for about an hour and a half. These serve as a great introduction to the club, help build endurance (and knowledge of your way around the area) and there will nearly always be somebody who is able to run at the same pace as you within the group.

Several groups leave from just outside the gates to the athletics track at 9am, running different paces from fast to easy / moderate, and one easier pace group at 9am.

  • At 9am various groups depart for a distance of approximately 10 miles / 16 km. Pace is anything from 5:30 minutes per km up to 4:00 mins per km (from about 9 minutes per mile up to 6:30 minute mile pace). We usually visit various South London parks and commons.
  • At 9am a varied group leaves, whose pace is anything from 9 min miles upwards. It aims to run whatever the weather, visiting a wide range of parks in the area. In the summer these runs tend to be shorter, but still visit local parks and commons. Tea, coffee and cold drinks, cakes and biscuits are always on offer at the end.

For further information about training, email