Southwark Borough Mini Marathon Trials

It was a brisk, freezing sub-zero bleak February day just like any other in Burgess Park.
You could tell who the HHH army were just by the look in their eyes.
By 10:45 HHH had already swept up the competition claiming victory in the U13 girl’s race. With Lucy Olsen leading the troops and Kayah Wilks in 3rd. We also had Ellie Stratton 6th and Izzy Kershaw 7th.

The next race was the U13 boys, with an outstanding performance by Alex Ferry 1st. the only HHH soldier performing.
5k. 3 miles. 5 kilometres. A hell of a way. But don’t worry HHH had it all in their stride.

Saskia Millard claimed gold in the U15 girl’s race. Flo Anderson also made her mark coming in 4th and Florrie Craddock not far behind (literally) finishing in 5th. Cat Mcsorley coming in 12th and Sophia 22nd.

As the lake grew bigger and overflowed with blood sweat and tears, of which HHH did not contribute to. Paul Burgess destroyed the field in the U15 boys’ category. You can’t miss out the performances of Ed Olsen 1st and Nathan B 2nd.

James stood proud as a peacock, with his 3 years lost camera. We were accompanied by James wonderful stories of his childhood. He couldn’t have been any prouder of us HHH soldiers.

Southwark didn’t know what had hit them……………..all we had to say was HHH

Report by Kayah Wilks and Lucy Olsen