Report Southern Vets T&F Match 4 Monday 14/07/14 PERIVALE

Perivale Match 4 Mid-London Division, Southern Vets Track and Field. Monday 14/07/14.

Out of the gridlocked jaws of the westbound A40 our frustrated HHH athletes emerged at the Perivale athletics track in gradual sequence to recover magnificently to win yesterday’s final veterans’ track and field match. This leads us to the final as champions of our Mid-London division of the SVT&F League. (Ashford, Kent. Sunday 7th September.)
Match results from first time organisers Ealing Southall and Middlesex AC need revision and remain provisional but our victory by an estimated 13 points is not in question. HHH 113, Serpies 100, Hillingdon 96, Metros 50, B Airways 28, Ealing SM 16 (Final details will be forwarded.) Another keenly fought three way bout, where the Harriers won with quality performances, solidarity and attitude in our lesser events.

Both Hillingdon and especially Serpentine were very strong in middle distance 800m and 300m events, though the Red and Black Hoops covered their respective overall scoring though Serpies sneaked a single point overall advantage in these races. Workhorses Mike Mann and Gary Ironmonger each gave us full points, whilst ably supported by Robin Jones, Keith Newton, Keith Schofield and Mark White. Once again, nine Red and Black Hoop vests toed the line in the combined 3000m, a fine sight, indeed.

Herne Hill’s new Long Jump ‘discoveries’ of Paul Marriott and Bob Foster, along with the ever willing (traffic jam) Tom Conlon, turned a potential event weakness to have become a newfound strength!

Neither did our sprint squad let us down. We took a clear aggregate point margin from the four 200m races, M35A, M35B, M50 and M60. The sprint squad is now looking something like it ought to be, and with the very essential reserves as back up, too. (And a tentative welcome to our invited guest an possible member for next year, 26.1s for 200m to M50 Tony Noel.)

Suffice to say, despite the early panic, including the eventual and eventful arrival of Garth Francis, our ever consistent throwers dominated their Javelin and Hammer events and scores despite Gary Power’s pleas to me to find a proper Javelin thrower. (He could throw anything further than me.)
Highlights for the match were Bob Foster’s and Paul Marriott’s reborn long jumping prowess, Tom Conlon’s long jump warm up by putting his heater on in his traffic-jammed car, a fabulous 4 x 100m team with last leg Giuseppe Minetti scorching the track in pursuit of Serpentines ex-international Jon Ridgeon.

Good to see Andy Weir’s track season’s first appearance and debut by Keith Schofield, both of whom followed the required spirit and were willing to cover for points wherever necessary, (fortunately not required).

Thanks to all team members for every solitary point they wrung out of the evening’s sterling performances. That applies to this great team effort, and for each athlete who has represented us in the four divisional matches so far. We won as a team and move on together as a team, on to the Ashford September 7th final. Let us focus on that performance where we need to get it together in numbers and commitment to claim back a regional title we know we can win. It’s up to us as individuals and as a team to demonstrate we have that ability. And especially the will.
Up the Hill.