Peter Reeve

This is very sad news indeed.
Peter was one of the greatest supporters of our HHH men’s team in particular in his very regular attendance at our BAL matches, as can be testified by his appearances in our various promotion season team photos over a span of around 20 years that I have been “in charge” and I’m sure for the preceding years during which I was a team member without the manager role thrown in.
While he may have drawn the line at travelling to Gateshead and Sheffield as he grew older, Peter was quite literally at all of our BAL matches any further South than that, including Sportcity in Manchester last summer. He has also attended a number of men’s Surrey League cross country races which were often held on days when the winter weather was not at its kindest to spectators while the runners could keep themselves relatively warm during the races. The last time I saw Peter was at our opening BAL fixture of this season at Eton, where he was as enthusiastic and supportive as ever.
I am not best placed to write an overall tribute to the athletics life of Peter Reeve, but his support for our teams and for me personally as our men’s manager has been greatly appreciated. I shall miss him greatly at our final match at Lee Valley on Saturday (9th) as I know he would have been there if he could to see us hopefully make sure we avoid the ignominy of a second consecutive relegation season.
I would be keen to attend Peter’s funeral depending on the date and location and if appropriate (ie if not a close friends and family only occasion).
Deepest condolences to Peter’s family.