HHH Xmas Cracker Relay Results and a Merry Christmas from HHH

Another Glorious HHH Christmas Cracker Relay completed, with what we perceive to be fair & reasonable results under the circumstances! On a dry and cool evening we composed 23 teams (69 runners) to pass their Xmas Cracker batons whilst racing over the 200m half circuits before passing onto team members. The usual merriment was had with several hats, tinsell to be seen and I believe we had an errant elf, who took time off from packing presents, too!
Well done Team P consisting of Laurie Pope, Jaden Kennedy and Tim Hinges who won the 2016 HHH Xmas Cracker Relay by covering 7140m in the allotted 20 minutes, a sprint session in mid-winter training.
Very competitive teams led to team P retaking the lead over the last minute of the event by assailing team 2 who had shared first place with team P throughout. Five teams covered more than 17 laps (6800m) and a further two were not lapped so did more than 6750m in the 20 minute period.
Subsequent teams in order running over 17 laps were:
2nd Team 2: Ben Harrison, Jacob Harrison, Jacob Alley,
3rd Team F: Eric Sapac, Dan Hallam, Henry Prior,
4th Team ZZ: Rosie Hammond, Maisie Collis, Jessica Tabraham,
5th Team J: Jeff Cunningham, Mohamed Haile, Sam Knight,
6th Team K: Alex Marks, Trevor Chilton, Peter Snowdon,

Followed by teams not lapped (more than 6750m):
7th Team A: Gary Ironmonger, Helena Corbin, Valdis Pauzers,
Very closely followed by:
8th Team L: Oscar Millard, Eimear Griffin, Abigail Cunningham

And teams covering more than 16 laps (6400m) were:
9th Team 22: Alexander Spall, Carl Delaney, Pippa Messenger
10th Team R: Ella Newton, Zoe Tompkins, Lily Newton
11th Team D: John Tayleur, John Garber, Matt Robertson
12th Team X: Lee Riley, Raj Paranandi, Stuart Morrison
13th Team RR: Jess Butland, Poppy Craig-McFeely, Layla Wilkinson
14th Team Z: Simon Messenger, Lilly Waldeck-Evans, Chloe Snowdon

Teams covering over 15 laps (6000m) were:
15th Team E: Mohammed Ismail, Glen Keegan, Alexander Roskill
16th Team G: Richard Henderson, Eva Holland, Lois Levy
!7th Team 14: Madelaine Smith-Londono, Isabel Penniceard, Shanice Daly
18th Team 8: Helen Couchman, Ashton Martin, Zahara Martin
19th Team 18: Jemma Hayward-Bhika, Ned Craddock, Johanna Nicholson

Over 14 laps (5600m):
20th Team V: Gavern Newsum, John Foxall, Bruce Northey
21st Team PP: Duncan Rimmer, Richard Tricker, Rosalind Rimmer
22nd Team 17: Maggie Fairn, India Adams, Isabella D’Amico

Over 13 laps (5200m):
23rd Team AA: Tom Ward, Oscar Ward, Jess Ward.

Well done to all and I hope you all enjoyed the fun.
Thanks to parents for the refreshments provided

In the mayhem of the event, many last runners failed to stop at the whistle or mark their finishing point, but the lap counters did a grand job to get us these results, which are hopefully sufficiently reliable for such an event. (I wonder what the IAAF would think of it! )
The die-hard adults then repaired to the Wheatsheaf to send off Alex Marks and Stephanie Prentice before they head off to family Xmas’s followed by a year of travel to Australia. Good luck !
Merry Christmas to ALL.
And wishing you and your families Health and Happiness throughout the New Year.
Valdis Pauzers, Club President.