HHH M60’s Establish a Veterans British Record at Tooting Open Meeting!

Not until 11:00 a.m. on the day did Herne Hill know they had a complete M60 relay team. At least two of the athletes had been hampered by long term injuries and getting over them. But when it comes to commitment the M60 squad equalled both the HHH and London Heathside senior squads who competed for the overall race win. (And that of the M50 squad who set a similar record last year.)

Mike Mann set the M60 pace in the hot sun and blustery wind, despite a little over-racing recently. Passing on to the oldest veteran at the meeting, 74 year old John Garber, the HHH racing chef. John’s determined run was typical of his steadfastness despite time out from training recently. Passing on to Nigel Goodwin, a new man to track racing since his schooldays on cinder, the baton inexorably moved on, the determination and goal was set. HHH seniors and London Heathside had finished but that did not deter Valdis Pauzers to put his heart into a final leg, his first track race of the year. A BMAF age group record established at 12mins 59.08seconds. Well done to all.DSCF7819

We, HHH, will beat that next year, but then can you beat that or any other 4 x 800m age group relay record which waits to be established? Plan to make this a fun event here at Tooting to allow all to enjoy their sport with something a little different !
1st. HHH Seniors 8mins 1.51secs. 2nd London Heathside 8mins 14.16secs.
3rd HHH M60 12mins 59.08secs.
M60 team: Mike Mann 2-52.33, John Garber 6-35.09 (3-42.76), Nigel Goodwin 10-05.16 (3-30.07), Valdis Pauzers 12-59.08 (2-53.92).