Herne Hill Track & Field Veterans Fixtures

All M35, W35 and older can participate and welcome to compete:
Men please advise Waldy Pauzers, v.pauzers@hotmail.co.uk
Women please advise Barbara Macanas, barbara@msattco.uk

Southern Vets T&F Mid-London Division  Match 1 Monday 11th May, at Battersea Park Track
Host club:  Serpentine  with additional officials: HHH and Metros to assist
18:30   Discus  M35  M50
18:30   Shot    W35   W50   W60
18:45   High Jump   M35  M50
19:00   100m  M35A  M35B  M50  M60
19:10  100m  W35A  W35B  W50  W60
19:20   2000m walk   M35  M50   M60   W35  W50  W60
19:30   High Jump   W35  W50   W60
19:30   Long Jump   M35  M50   M60
19:40   400m   M35A   M35B   M50   M60
19:45   Shot   M35   M50   M60
19:50   400m   W35A   W35B   W50   W60
20:00   Discus   W35   W50
20:00   1500m  M35A  M35B  M50  M60
20:15   Long Jump  W35  W50
20:25   1500m   W35A  W35B  W50  W60
20:40   4x400m relay men
20:50   4x400m relay women