Herne Hill Harriers coach Les Johnson will coach with the England Team



 Les, Michella and Mack


Herne Hill Harriers athletes Michella Obijiaku and Mackanaki Williams will travel to Wales on the 29 July 2015 to represent England (South) u20s in the next Home International.

They will join their squad coach Les Johnson who becomes the first Herne Hill Harriers coach for some time called to coach with the England team.

Sarah Allen says, John Howell’s coach Maurice Flack helped him to The Rome Olympics for GB. Ron Clark would have had some help from the club, as would Bob Setti. She explains that Don Taylor would have had a club coach when he ran 28 mins for 10000m in 1963 plus 13.43 for 5k and ran for GB and England but the club has’nt had someone coach at England Team level in decades.

So we wish Les well as he works with the SEAA part of the England team. He has already coached his athletes to receive their International vests for the past three years. Last year he coached his GB athlete Marvin Poopola to World Juniors so this is a good follow up and we wish him, Michella and Mackanaki a successful trip to Cardiff.