Environmental Sustainability Policy for Herne Hill Harriers

At Herne Hill Harriers, we recognise the importance of environmental sustainability and the role we can play in minimizing our impact on the environment. This policy outlines our commitment to adopting sustainable practices and reducing our carbon footprint. By implementing environmentally friendly initiatives, we aim to promote a greener future, protect natural resources, and inspire our athletes, members, and the wider community to join us in these efforts.
Policy Statement:
Herne Hill Harriers is committed to incorporating sustainable practices into all aspects of our operations, including events, and day-to-day activities. We strive to minimise our environmental impact and promote sustainability within the club and the broader athletic community.
Energy Conservation:
a. Install energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and equipment wherever possible.
b. Encourage members to turn off lights, appliances, and equipment when not in use.
Waste Reduction:
a. Minimize paper usage by transitioning to electronic communications and document management systems.
b. Encourage athletes, members, and staff to bring reusable water bottles and promote the use of water refill stations.
c. Compost organic waste generated during events and club activities where feasible.
d. Aim to minimise the number of single-use plastics at club-run events (e.g. plastic bags and cups at track meetings).
Sustainable Procurement:
a. Give preference to suppliers and contractors with sustainable practices and products.
b. Prioritise the use of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials for club merchandise and promotional items.
c. Encourage the use of locally sourced and organic products whenever possible.
d. Aspire to secure a range of suppliers, goods & services that reflects the diversity of our membership and our local community.
Transportation and Travel:
a. Encourage athletes, members, and staff to use public transport, carpooling, cycling, or walking when traveling to and from club activities.
b. Promote virtual meetings and digital communication to reduce the need for travel.
c. Organize carpooling initiatives for events and competitions whenever feasible.
d. Flying is one of the highest environmental impact activities and currently lacks credible ways to offset emissions, for that reason we advise prioritising events that do not require flights to attend.
Continuous Improvement:
a. Regularly review and update our environmental sustainability policy to incorporate new practices, technologies, and industry standards.
b. Seek feedback and suggestions from members, athletes, and staff to identify additional opportunities for improvement.
c. Educating/ supporting members to adopt more sustainable practices. i.e. information on where/how to recycle old athletes apparel and equipment, information on lower carbon nutrition.
Implementation and Responsibility:
The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of the Herne Hill Harriers Exec committee. Committee members will ensure compliance, promote sustainability initiatives, and provide necessary resources to support the adoption of sustainable practices.
By adopting this Environmental Sustainability Policy, Herne Hill Harriers is committed to leading by example and reducing our environmental footprint. We recognise that our actions can have a positive impact on the environment and future generations. We encourage our members, athletes, and the wider community to join us in our commitment to environmental sustainability and work together for a greener, healthier future.