Common Runner – Week 20, 2014


All Nations Triathlon – Eton Dorney, Saturday 10th May

This was my second year doing this event, and my key objective was to beat all my times across all three disciplines and transition. Thankfully for the couple of hours we were in Eton, the rain stayed away and despite the strong winds, I threw myself around the course like a woman possessed, determined to give it everything I had and my efforts were good enough to place second lady, and 33rd out of 189 competitors that day.

The only small disappointment was that my run split was slower than last year’s, but I still improved by overall time by 5 minutes so I’ll take that! It’s confidence boosting to know that the efforts you put into training ALWAYS pays off in the end 🙂

Final result:
400m swim- 6:52
20km Bike – 39:11
5km Run – 21:24
Total time: 1:09:39