Charter for Diversity and Inclusivity

Endorsed by Herne Hill Harriers Executive on 11th November 2020


Herne Hill Harriers (HHH) is committed to incorporating diversity and inclusion across all areas of the club’s activities. This Charter has been produced in consultation with England Athletics and UKA. For the purposes of this Charter, ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ means access for all. It means that at every level of our club, we are committed to recognising differences between individuals / groups and providing opportunities to participate in athletics, running, leadership and volunteering regardless of those differences.

Herne Hill Harriers embraces diversity and difference and is committed to providing opportunities that are safe, inclusive, and accessible. HHH should be equally accessible to all members of society, whatever their age, disability, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, or social/economic status. HHH will continue to develop a focus on inclusion and ensure that our formal and informal practices do not exclude individuals or prohibit or hinder participation.

This Diversity & Inclusion Charter is intended to formalise existing practices and improve upon attitudes and perceptions with the goal of improving opportunities for everyone to participate at our club.


As a community amateur sports club, we aim to provide an environment where our officials, members, and volunteers feel:

  • Welcome
  • Represented (at all levels of the club’s operation)
  • Informed
  • Included and / or consulted in decision making
  • Able to participate
  • Safe and free from discrimination, bullying, harassment and vilification

Our Commitment

We will:

  1. Not make assumptions
  2. Actively identify and reduce barriers to participation for all individuals, with a focus on identifying and breaking down any potential barriers to access or participation which could arise as a result of an individual’s characteristics.
  3. Not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation.
  4. Ensure under-represented groups are given the opportunity to participate in all aspects of our club.
  5. Think positively about how we can include people and provide a welcoming environment for members, volunteers and any individuals participating in training or events run by HHH.
  6. Ensure that new members of the club are given sufficient information on the historic and current running of the club, its areas of operations, and key areas of focus, including all club rules and policies.
  7. Consider how HHH is promoted and ensure that the ethos of diversity and inclusivity is captured in any promotional materials.
  8. Encourage people to contact their coaches or the club administration to discuss their needs and requirements to facilitate inclusion and we will ensure we consider what adjustments could be made to enable them to participate.
  9. Offer to develop and assist all members, key officials, coaches, leaders, and other volunteers, with improving the knowledge of disability and understanding of inclusive practices by facilitating reasonable guidance and training.
  10. Talk to our members, volunteers and individuals attending HHH events in order to understand whether any improvements could be made to our processes, policies and practices. As part of this, we will try to understand any adjustments which may be required to be made to facilitate participation. We will make sure any adjustments that can be made in the circumstances are made. Where such adjustments are not immediately possible, we will review how those adjustments can be incorporated going forward.

As a club, we pledge to demonstrate that every effort will be made to enable everyone to participate, and that diversity and inclusion will be considered and prioritised.

This document should be read in conjunction with:

  • Herne Hill Harriers Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
  • Charter for Athletes and Coaches
  • Club codes of conduct
  • Club rules
  • Club policies

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