HHH Christmas Cracker track relay & Christmas relay on Tooting Common

Herne Hill Harriers celebrated Christmas and made some space for Christmas dinner with two club events which were fun for all ages and abilities.

Tuesday 17th December saw we the annual HHH Christmas Cracker relay on Tooting track, which comprised a parlauf where teams of 3 ran as many 200m reps as they could within a time limit of 20 minutes.

This is a continuous relay where Christmas crackers were used as batons and was enjoyed by a bumper turnout of 30 teams of 3. The winners were team number 5, all of whom train with James McDonald’s young athletes middle distance group. Team 66 were 2nd and team D placed 3rd among the usual mayhem.

Then on Sunday morning 22nd December the club hosted a quieter, but no less enjoyable festive annual Christmas “Road” Relays on Tooting Common.

Flooding on one of the usual paths meant a shorter leg for each runner with one lap per stage of approx 1.4 miles each.

The race attracted mainly the young athletes in the club, but the three fastest individual legs of the day were recorded by senior men with under 13 Josh Lee-Baum the 4th quickest.

There were also some parents among those in the 12 teams of 3, at least a couple of whom would not be out of place if running as part of our club teams.

Most heartwarming of all was seeing coach James McDonald himself running a leg showing his athletes how it is done (and not taking any wrong turnings!), amazing after all the medical tribulations James has endured in recent years.

Results are as below:-

Ist leg name  Time 2nd leg name  Time 3rd leg name  Time Cum Time
1 Ian Jack 8.45 Sophie Jack 9.45 Sophia Sahai 8.34 27.04
2 Hebe Hunter 9.21 Jeff Cunningham 7.36 Waldy Pauzers 10.12 27.09
3 Andy Penniceard 8.58 John Goldston 9.01 Archie Penniceard 9.52 27.51
4 Jemima Hayward-Bhika 9.21 Cecilia Hayward-Bhika 10.49 Eric Dol 7.54 28.04
5 Mustafa Osman 9.59 Robin Bebbington 9.18 Mark Bebbington 9.05 28.22
6 Max Penniceard 10.06 Tom Penniceard 9.05 Sam Clacher 11.04 30.15
7 Alberto Simon 11.07 Harry Bell 8.51 Mark Standing 10.21 30.19
8 Mohammed Ismail 7.36 Tony Austin 11.16 Ian Strong 12.10 31.02
9 James Marshall 11.05 Henry Marshall 13.45 Joanna Marshall 9.58 34.48
Incomplete teams (went off course on last leg):-
Derek Lee 9.10 Josh Lee-Baum 8.23 Harvey Kande
Diego Lister 8.54 Sam Maloney 8.40 Sam Camenzuli
Isabella Brugnoni 10.03 James McDonald 11.10
Fastest individuals:
Mohammed Ismail 7.36
Jeff Cunningham 7.36
Eric Dol 7.54
Josh Lee-Baum 8.23
Sophia Sahai  8.34
Sam Maloney 8.40
Ian Jack  8.45
Harry Bell 8.51
Diego Lister 8.54
Andy Penniceard 8.58