Attention Cyclists !

A lot of you runners out there will also cycle – so please read on…
I am Suzanne Swaine, an HHH athlete and physiotherapist, co-ordinating the ‘Bespoke Study’ which is investigating cycling injuries in London. The aim is to better understand how and where accidents happen and types of injuries that occur. There is much debate and media attention around the safety of cycling and what can be done to reduce the number of deaths and injuries; although recording of deaths is rigorous, there are gaps in recording of near misses and injury types.
All patients who attend the Royal London Hospital following cycle-related injuries will be invited to participate in the Bespoke study. However, to capture data on collisions not presenting to hospital, we have developed an online self-reporting application called Collideoscope. Reports from Collideoscope will be sent to local transport authorities, and the data will help us build a more detailed picture of accident hotspots.
How can you help?
If you cycle you probably regularly witness or experience near misses, or be involved in minor collisions. We need you to report both types of incidents on Collideoscope. The more incidents that are reported, the more representative our data will be. This will result in a greater impact on transport authorities and influence decisions around cycle safety measures in the future.
How to report your incident:
Visit our website: and go to ‘Report your Crash’. Or directly to Collideoscope here:
Thank you!
Cycle Safely, Suzanne Swaine
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