A Running Poem

Herne Hill Harrier Ray O’Donoghue has written this poem to celebrate the 2011 edition of the Surrey Cross Country Championships. It was published in Athletics Weekly on 20th Jan 2011.

Surrey XC Championships 2011

The Surrey Championships are here again,
With all the joys and all the pain.
So much energy and so much pride,
But nowhere here for those to hide.
Young and old, all trying so hard.
A stranger said, ‘They must be mad.’
Only one can win each race,
Because some just can’t hack the pace.
Some wins and losses, some bad runs too,
Sweat and tears will inspire it’s true.
One mom said, ‘Go on my son,’
While dad replied, ‘It’s only fun.’
So cold at the finish, but still unbowed.
But spirits uplifted by the crowd.
Looks of admiration were plain to see,
Oh how I wish it was me.
But I’ve had my day and can’t complain,
Yet, somehow I still miss the pain.
Because running free is such a joy,
Whether you are a girl or boy.
So never give in and have some fun,
And just enjoy each and every run.
Tired and hungry and feeling blue,
But I wish that I was you.
Because some sweet day before too long,
Some race will be your swan song.
If some day, your feeling bad,
Go for a run and you’ll be glad.
Your spirit will lift and so you’ll find,
Somehow you’ll leave your worries behind.
If you fail along the way,
Remember there is always another day!

Ray O’Donoghue. HHH. 9th Jan 2011