Herne Hill’s Eric Dol amazes with first 12 hour run to cover almost 77 miles

Herne Hill’s Eric Dol went to Crawley for his first ever 12-hour race and finished second in an International field with 76.19 miles. Eric says “The toughest section was between 9 hours and 11 when the clock just felt like it was ticking away very, very slowly. My legs didn’t really feel much worse than just after the 3-hour mark. The 12- hour finish point came and I put down my marker on the track so my final distance could be measured. I realised that the winner was standing still just staring at his marker. I asked him if he was all right and he told me he couldn’t bend down! I put his marker down for him.

I ran every step of the way (apart from food and toilet breaks), the only person to do so. I didn’t feel like I had a real low point at any time. I ran just under 3 marathons in 12 hours for 2nd place. Two years ago I couldn’t even run one marathon in 4 hours. I still can’t quite believe it.”