Welcome to Herne Hill Harriers

Tooting Bec Athletics Track, Tooting Bec Road, London SW17 3NP

Herne Hill Harriers is a community amateur sports club. We welcome athletes of all ages from 11 upwards interested in track and field, road running or cross country races. We pride ourselves on being a family club and cater for all standards. We offer coaching, training and competitions, and fun for everyone.

From grassroots to international excellence, Herne Hill Harriers has been steadfastly supporting and inspiring the local community for 135 remarkable years. Although we have well established teams contesting the major local leagues and championships, we very much welcome new members and would encourage you to come along to our main club night at Tooting Bec track on Tuesdays at 7pm and consider joining.

Empowering Our Community: At Herne Hill Harriers, we believe in providing opportunities and purpose to individuals of all ages, from 11 to 80, within our diverse local community. We ensure that children from all backgrounds have equal access to training and competition, fostering a sense of focus and achievement. Through initiatives like our Save the Track campaign, individuals like Jade, Katie, and Krystal have shared their experiences, underscoring the transformative impact our programs have had on their lives. Moreover, we extend support to families who may face financial constraints, assisting them with travel expenses and essential kit.

Strengthening Community Bonds: The Tooting Run Club outreach program has touched the lives of numerous individuals, offering training, community engagement, and invaluable mental health benefits. Testimonials from program participants affirm the positive impact of our outreach efforts. Collaborating with local schools, such as through the Athletics Academy, we promote athletics and provide ongoing support to aspiring young athletes. Partnerships with Lambeth and Wandsworth Councils further reinforce our commitment to nurturing athletic talent within the community.

Upholding Athletic Excellence: For over a century, Herne Hill Harriers has been synonymous with athletic excellence, nurturing world-class athletes and proudly donning our iconic black and red hooped shirt. Our events attract international talent, solidifying our reputation as a premier athletics club in London. From hosting prestigious competitions like the British Milers Club events to being the sole athletics club within walking distance of the Tooting Bec tube station, our legacy of excellence endures.

Outreach projects like the Herne Hill Harriers Athletics Academy and Startrack, which link local schools, PE teachers and local authority networks, are essential for the wellbeing of our young people and providing vital pathways for future generations of athletes’
Nick Miller, School Games Organiser and YST Inclusion Lead for Central London, Southfields Academy

“Tooting track gave me a place to go at a critical time in my development. A place I felt safe and secure enough to develop as an athlete and adult.”
Jade Johnson, Olympian

“I am a middle distance athlete for GB training for Tokyo Olympics, thanks entirely to Tooting Track where I first ran age 12 and still use today”
Katie Snowden, Olympian

“It’s where I discovered my talent and happiness. It remains my home and is critical to my progress and success.”
Kristal Awuah, International Sprinter