Women’s Vets put in a Top Performance with Promise at Perivale.

2018 Results form Match 4 Women                                                                    Southern Vets Track and Field Match 4, Perivale Park, Wednesday 1st August 2018.
Herne Hill Women Vets put in a sterling performance at Perivale. Ideal conditions for power events and sprints prevailed as the hot afternoon’s sun cooled to become a balmy evening producing the lightest breezes.
No doubt every team was affected by the postponement of this match as a result of the unexpected surprise of England making the World Cup semi-finals. Well done England for causing the mayhem on the 11th July, and well done HHH’s women tonight, 1st August. A semi-final attained, yet a semi-final lost, but an overall England performance of potential and promise as was HHH women’s performance in the rescheduled match tonight. A 3rd place for HHH, but yet only 6 event point from the winning score! As agonising as our previous Match 3 result where we finished second by a mere 1 ½ match points! Such results are so close to winning the division and the reward of representation at the South of England club championship final. Aspire, consolidate, enjoy and train consistently, we can make the finals (again) and better ourselves beyond mere attendance, too!
Back at Perivale, depleted but a far from desperate team put in a grand performance of effort, earnestness and spirit. Apparently, Hilary Woof not only won W50 High Jump and Long Jump, ran the 200m and led after her first leg of the 4 x 100m relay. This, despite the HJ, LJ and relay being completely new ventures for Hilary. Barbara Macanas was another double event winner (W60 Hammer and Javelin) on the night (I subsequently heard rumour that the women’s return car journey revealed revelations and banter dominated by Hilary and Barbara, ‘tis a shame I had to take the train…) Clearly success and victory stimulate the psyche. So, let’s get together and do it from Match 1 next season, the finals are within our reach.
Equal motivation and commitment was also demonstrated by Lucy Clapp and Helen Gagg both enjoying the rigours of track racing (Lucy taking 2nd and 3rd in W50 3000m and 800m respectively) whilst Helen won both B-string 800m and 3000m.
Meanwhile, Nicky Sturzaker, due to a lack of training (!) revised her athletic endeavours from distance running to a variety of events with considerable success: A-string 800m 1st, B-string 200m 1st, Javelin 2nd, Hammer 3rd , then also opting to try out a Long Jump (which would have placed a scoring 2nd ) and closing out our winning 4 x 100m team. A busy evening, indeed!
Stalwarts Patrizia (Patti) Gnoato and Sharon St. Luce are the squad’s heartbeat, there to compete, cover events and assure the uninitiated. Sound results from both: Patti winning High Jump, scoring long jump and 200m whilst burning a relay leg, too. Meanwhile, the quieter but as effective Sharon, earnt great points with a 2nd in 200m and Long Jump and a dominating 1st in Javelin. Just a pity travel problems made Sharon miss the Hammer. (A second place would have guaranteed us a match win here! It was that close.)
Yes, progress is being made, we are so close to winning these matches. I see the squad becoming a working interactive team. The team core has enthusiasm, desire and spirit, so essential for team event successes. It appears the banter is there, (if only I were a fly in the homebound car. … more revelations might transpire!) Now, next season, our club’s 130th, without the line of injuries we have had to endure this season, we can and will make it a BIG one.
A big thanks to all who competed this season, a belated get well to the injured and lame and not forgetting all those who organise and work to keep these events going. Without you all, we would be at home watching Eastenders.
Up the Hill, Waldy.
And anyone with aspirations on 400m racing or further should definitely be looking to the cross-country season for equal amounts of fun and fitness.