Tooting Bec Track Xmas Cracker Relays.

Here is a video montage of HHH Christmas Cracker Relay set to Queen, thanks Mark White


The third of our vintage HHH pre-Christmas events passed by with the joining of club younger training groups, sprinters, distance groups interspersed with veterans and those that also braved last night’s highly successful HHH-Doss AC Xmas pub crawl.

The event is handicapped teams using an Xmas cracker as a relay baton, covering 200 metre repetitions around the track with teams of three over twenty minutes with the intent to cover the maximum distance.

The ebullient athletes, eagerly awaited their team selection and subsequently the starting whistle. Despite the wind and drizzle twenty five teams (75 athletes in all) took off engulfing the track judges straight into the usual confusion to tackle the data of team progress over the madly intense 20 minutes.
Close as the results were, the ‘top sprinter team’ (declaring themselves late) were hamstrung by the loss of one of their men. Middle distance with the element of talented youth prevailed to be victorious this evening, so we congratulate Mo Mohamud, Mo Ali and Dan Hallam on their win.

As the mince pies, nibbles and Christmas wishes were distributed between teams, parents and officials the results were finally announced for the 20 minute HHH Cracker Relay :

Pos’n    Team No.            Runners.                                                                               Distance Covered
1st.          14                   Dan Hallam, Mohamed Mohamud, Mohamed Ali.                   6640 metres
2nd.         17                   Peter Phillips, Nick Atwell, Eugene Osei-Amevenu                 6630 metres
3rd.         13                   Thomas Clark, Billy Black, Annabella Bailey                            6560 metres
4th.         DD                   Mohamed Ismail, Jacob Alley, Ned Craddock                         6485 metres
5th.         S                      Richard Henderson, Oscar Millard, Thomas Hawkins              6385 metres
6th.         A                     Luca Bertocchi, Paul Burgess, Jessica Tabraham                     6310 metres
7th.         R                     Matt Munro, Fabian Hurst, Isabella Setyabule                         6210 metres
8th.        18                    Rick Pearson, Isaac Williams, Abigail Cunningham                  6205 metres
9th.        O                      James Ward, Rosie Hammond, Jaden Kennedy                        6175 metres
10th.      HH                    Oliver Morrison, Cameron Welsh, Flo Craddock                     6027 metres

Well done to all participants.

May you all have a Happy Christmas, a Peaceful, Healthy, Inspiring and Successful New Year.

Up the Hill, Waldy Pauzers.