Sean Fitzpatrick & Annes Stevens claim HHH One Hour titles

Great running by all on a chilly evening of Thursday 19th March at the Club One Hour Track Championship. After some consistent & shared pacing by Sean Fitzpatrick, Andrew Grigg & Louis Waterman-Evans it was Sean who broke away from the pack around the 59 minute mark to take the win with 16,189m followed by Andrew (16,164m) out-kicking Louis (16,135). Our female champion was Annes Stevens who had a strong finish to run 12,863m followed by Jen Barraclough with 12,521m & Charlotte Maughn with 11,898m.

Many thanks to Mark, Geoff, Patrik, Jess, Glen, James, Simon & Jonathan for helping out on the night too, much appreciated.
Full results:
Sean Fitzpatrick 16,189m
Andrew Grigg 16,164m
Louis Waterman-Evans 16,135m
Dan Hallam 14,715m
Daniel Ingram 14,013m
Damien Wilson 13,650m
Alistair Sutherland 13,525m
Annes Stevens 12,863m
Stuart Morrison 12,758m
Jen Barraclough 12,521m
Charlotte Maughn 11,898m
Nigel Goodwin 10,144m
Eric Dol