Summary of Steve Knight’s Group

This group is coached by myself and Glen Keegan, who is an experienced ultra/marathon runner, whereas I have raced on the track and xc for over 50 years.

Training sessions are at the track on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:45 pm.

Ours is a large group, with a large range of ability, experience and age. We coach the newcomers to athletics, the non-elite racers and a number of veteran athletes. The group is split up into several smaller groups so that there is always someone to run with. We provide support and advice in terms of a general programme and run sessions on the track all year round and grass and hill sessions where there is a demand or need. Track sessions are preceded by 10 minutes of drills and core exercises for those who wish to participate.

Target times for reps in sessions are based on PBs. The recovery varies on whichever aspect of fitness we are working on. The number of sets may be reduced on lactic tolerance work to sustain the quality of the session. We rehearse race tactics and race scenarios within some sessions so that athletes are always prepared with whatever they come up against.

The work load for all is around 5k in the winter. This remains the same for the 5k and upwards racers during the summer or indoor season but the 1500 / 800 / chasers reduce to a maximum workload of 3k. Sunday is the longish run and Thursday is the other hard key day; hills (sprint action resistance work) or Fartlek. Monday and Wednesday are recovery run days, Friday and Saturdays are rest and race days usually. Outside of key races, fartlek, easy runs or park runs are all good for Saturday.

There is always a speed element in the preparation of the 800/1500 runners; and we do a lot of sessions that involve changes of pace. The bulk of the group are 5k/10k athletes and they too have some variety of pace in the sessions. Those preparing for half marathons and marathons have all run much better over the longer distance as result of the quicker running on the track.

Our aim is to prepare people to race for the club, in club colours. We provide a friendly and supportive environment where the success of all is celebrated.

Steve Knight