Mohammed Ali’s Surrey League Report

Today’s stunning performance of the final surrey league fixture of the series 4 of 4 was lead by Ed Olsen in first place with an outstanding time of (16:03) not far behind in third place we had Billy Black with an incredible time of (16:51) followed by Nathan Bekele fourth with (16:55).

(Ed Olson – Photo courtesy of the Surrey Comet)

In fifth Mohamed Et Taheri (16:59) Imran Nadew seventh with (17:08) followed by Fasel Nadew in tenth with (17:32) then eleventh Malik Nehaili with (17:52) sixteenth Callum Barker with (19:03) nineteenth Sam Cohen with (19:17) twentieth Paul Chalobah with (19:55) twenty first, Fraser Macintosh with (20:05) and finally in twenty third place we had Jasper Johnson with (21:37).

Also as expected we had great performances from our Under13 boys. In the lead we had Freddie Hodgson with a storming (18:35) Mohammed Ali in second with (18:50) Alex Ferri in sixth with (19:43) Ethan Vinton in seventh with (19:47) Daniel Craig-mcfeely in eighth with (20:26) finally Ned Craddock in twelve with (20:37).
Herne Hill junior athletes dominated both age groups winning both titles Under17/15and13 in today’s final fixture of the surrey league!

Written by : Mohammed Ali U13