Membership renewal and new portal

We are pleased to announce that Amber (our new private HHH members system for current members) is now up and running. We hope you find it very useful and interesting (see main screenshot and list of features below). It is best viewed on a large screen but should be perfectly usable on a mobile.

It is designed to work alongside our normal website.

If you haven’t renewed yet then please do so using Amber. We need to ask for a little patience from everyone in these early days  (especially from parents or guardians with more than one family member in the club until we get the majority of club members live  – though you can always email us at or speak to Steve Bosley if necessary).

Among the things you can now do:

  1. View Upcoming Meetings/Social events, plus (very important for Team Managers and Organisers) you can also show your availability 
  2. Access Training information and important Links/Resources within the club
  3. See Club records, current and previous years Ranking lists and Historical records
  4. Buy kit and other items directly from our Club Shop
  5. See at-a-glance our current Subs and EA rates
  6. Send Direct Messages to Club Officers
  7. Within your Profile, you can view and also check your current EA status in realtime, renew your subs, update personal details (address may be out of date), view financial and activity history, goto your EA portal and also jump to your Power of 10 page

All existing members should have an account already set up and if you have any trouble logging in with your existing email then just let us know. The very first time you access Amber, just enter your email address and then click on “Forgot Password” (see below). This will send a pincode to your inbox (also check your spam folder if not found in your inbox) which you then enter in a box provided to verify your email address and you can then set your own password.

You can access Amber here:

Kind regards
Trevor & Tom on behalf of HHH