Middle Distance Starts and Finishes

Autumn 2018  Sunday  September 30th

Warmed up and ready to start by 10.30am

You will need to pay the regular Track Fee

Topic –  Starts, Takeovers, Finishes and links in with race plans


We will cover the Optimal stance position

Lane starts at 800 – First part of the session – Covering that first 100 at a specific pace and  getting into a pre-planned position at the end of the bend..

Curved line starts – Using the natural line that the curve gives to avoid DQ and trips – several run outs from differing positions on the line, as well as getting into a pre-planned position at the end of the bend.


Finishes over different distances and from different positions within a group of racers.


Suitable for those experienced runners and those new to track racing.

Overall the session ties together race planning and race execution

Work load of a little under 3k – most of it at quick speed – so proper warm and time between reps to allow for the appropriate level of recovery.

Groups would  be matched in terms of ability to make the session realistic.

Athletes to consider the effect that others finishing tactics had on their strategy and their ability to execute it

What finishes do athletes prefer (what suits their own skill set and physical make-up)?

Long Relay takeovers:

Rules concerning take over boxes – taking baton on the move – slotting in safely.

Finish session with a 4 x 100 relay using 4×4 changes.

Session would be appropriate for all age groups and both genders .

Ideally we would like close to 30 in the session so that runners can be matched up in speeds and give adequate recovery time between efforts.

PLEASE REPLY TO STEVE KNIGHT AT swknight@btinternet.com  or phone / text 07729 244 143 for a place