Herne Hill Harrier Natasha Lodge launches Runners London in a Box

Herne Hill Harriers athlete Natasha Lodge has created an inspirational and innovative publication: Runners London in a Box: Beautiful running routes around London on individual handy, pocket-size cards.

This superb collection comprises a new set of over 30 incredible running routes intelligently located all over Greater London.

In this unique, boxed collection of folding, pocket-size cards you’ll find a variety of running routes around Greater London.

Each card has a different route fully described and illustrated on a large scale, 1:25 000 map and include our carefully planned pitstops along the way.

* Inspirational running routes – on handy, pocket size cards;

* Box includes transparent sleeve – if it rains you can pop the walking card into the sleeve to protect it from the elements;

* Recommended pit stops – ideal if you prefer to have brunch after your morning run

* Easy to follow, thoughtful design – the cards are the same size as a smartphone so they easily fit the built-in pockets of athletic wear or the armband mobile phone holders;

* Each route is simply described and illustrated – from Richmond to the Three Commons to Trent Park;

* Classic and unexpected routes – this happy mix of routes will provide you with an interesting run within 10 minutes of wherever you live in Greater London and several within a 3 mile radius;

* Ideal for joggers and weekend runners – it’ll introduce you to a route near your home and inspire you to travel a short distance to find a fresh running experience. Pocket a card, leave the box on your bookshelf and enjoy a glorious new run in the capital.

Available from hive.co.uk