Common Runner – Week 17, 2015

Mark’s Group:
This week we do mile pace intervals on Tuesday which is a step up from the vVO2max intervals of the winter. The speed is almost identical but the rep is longer. This will help build your speed.

On Thursday we continue with our 3 sets of 3 hills but will move to Covington Way where the lesser gradient will encourage you to run faster. This is part of an overall trend to move away from steep hills where your pace is slow the emphasis is on strength to shallow hills where your pace is quicker with the emphasis on speed development.

If you are doing the London Marathon on Sunday then steer clear of both sessions. Do a 4-5 mile marathon pace run on Tuesday and then do 3 mile easy run on Thursday. A couple of miles of easy running Saturday could be a good idea to keep your legs ticking over.

As there is a SWL match on Saturday there won’t be a track group session that day this week.

Much more in this week’s Common Runner