Club launches mentoring scheme

The Club has launched an innovative mentoring scheme, initially on a one year pilot basis.  Nine of our senior women female distance athletes, a number of whom have been with the Club since their early teens and all have been active in sport from an early age, have volunteered to be mentors to nine of our young female distance athletes (aged 14-19). 

The scheme was officially launched on 2nd March 2022, with mentors, mentees and parents in attendance.  Former President, Keith Newton, who instigated the scheme, said ‘we are very much hoping that through this mentoring programme we will augment the experience of our young athletes, by providing an additional support mechanism, a sounding board, where they can share experiences and learn from those who have addressed many of the challenges that our young athletes face.  I am delighted that we have had so many of our Senior Women come forward, and young female athletes seeking mentorship, and see this as the initial pilot phase which we would then very much like broaden to other Club members’.

The scheme has an Oversight Group that reports to the Club Executive, and comprises Keith Newton, Steph Mitchell, Helena Corbin, Kristal Awuah and Steph Twell.  It will seek feedback regarding the operation of the scheme, and ensure that we learn from the experiences of mentees and mentors. 

Two members of the Group, Steph Mitchell and Helena provided a briefing session for mentors, capitalising on their significant experience of mentorship schemes in the workplace.  The briefing session was also attended by Club Welfare Officer, Nigel Stone,  who addressed expectations around safeguarding and related matters.  Further updates to be shared with Club members as we progress through this pilot phase.

Keith Newton, former President, 2019-21, and Executive Committee member