HHH men dominate first Surrey League race

HHH men won the first Surrey League cross race by 150 pts with a super low score of 99 points, one of the lowest in the history of the league. Our U13 boys also won, while our U17/U15 boys place 2nd team. Paul Burgess won the U13 boys race.

A full report will follow during the week.

Results are at this link:-

The women’s Surrey League seems to get larger and stronger every year and the Lightwater start line looked fairly packed from where I stood.

It was a good solid start to the season with the Herne Hill finishing a 6th overall. The team made up of Karen Ellison, Armelle Folkes, Sue Swaine, Helen Sharp and Sarah Allen who placed 18th, 21st, 39th, 42nd and 64th respectively – a good bit of team packing. With a few niggles and other runners to come back, hopefully we will be able to move up the table in the next race on Saturday 3rd December in Richmond Park.

It was a particularly good run by Armelle, our only U20, who started fast, held on and then followed the race with up with a quick trip to hospital. Luckily there was no long term damage and Armelle hobbled home later on Saturday.