Paul Oluyemi exceeds club long jump record pending ratification

HHH’s mercurial long jumper Paul Oluyemi is the first to admit he is not the model of consistency and has had many problems with his run up, especially on windy days when he mainly no jumps or over adjusts. But when he gets it right he can jump big and one such occasion was at a low key outing in a recent Southerm League match. Jumping as a non scorer due to the league rules regarding British League standard athletes, Paul nailed one of his allowed 3 jumps and soared out to 7.71m. This jump improved his legal PB by 14cm and was 9cm in excess of the existing club record set way back in 1960 by John Howell. With no wind reading as yet available we will look to ratify Paul’s performance, but the UK rankings are showing Paul up to 5th for the season to date and have no problems with including him on their lists, but whatever happens both Paul and his team manager are confident he will jump even further in a “bigger” fixture before this season is out.